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Ningshing’s Commendation and 2023 Annual Meeting
On January 15th, 2023, Ningshing Holdings' summary and commendation and 2023 business meeting were held on the 28th floor of Ningbo Tianning Building. A total of 145 senior managers from Ningshing Holdings headquarter and various subsidiaries attended the meeting online and offline.The meeting was presided over by Vice Chairman Gao Ping. President Huang Yongzeng made the 2022 annual work report entitled "Strong Confidence, Moving Forward with Courage and Promoting High-quality, Upgrading and Development". The report comprehensively summarized the company's achievements in 2022. It highlighted the company’s strides in maintaining stability and improving quality in professional sectors, making progress and breakthroughs in key projects. It also remarked how the company made effective market expansion, its achievements in innovative research and development, and in ensuring quality management. Mr. Huang also analyzed the complicated economic situation, characterized by constant changes, and deployed seven work tasks for 2023.Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, made a speech entitled "Striving for stability and gaining energy for high-quality development". He highly affirmed the work achievements in 2022 and demanded all subsidiaries to strengthen their confidence and determination in maintaining the steady operation of their core business. He also urged them to make breakthroughs in strengthening multi-level strategic cooperation, do a good job in the new topic of mutual support and interactive development of domestic and foreign trade, accelerate the upgrading of digital empowerment operations, increase the introduction and training of talents, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of management teams. Mr. Wu also stressed to all subsidiaries the importance of constantly tempering their core competitiveness, encouraging them to go all out to achieve the annual business objectives and promote the company's high-quality upgrading.The meeting commended the advanced groups and individuals in 2022, and required all employees to take the members with better achievements as an example, stand on their posts, work hard, make new achievements, and make new contributions to complete all the objectives and tasks in the new year.Eight general managers from each subsidiary made positive statements on high-quality development in 2023.Finally, Ms. Gao demanded that all subsidiaries should thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting according to the requirements of the company and their own reality, working together with a high sense of mission and urgency, and pay close attention to implementation, work hard and achieve the annual goals and tasks in an all-round way.
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